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Hey Dude!! 1982 the year of great changes....

The year began in Las Dunas Resort, Ica, Peru. My father took us to this sunny city so when we can spend the New year's eve in the biggest party ever that I remembered. The whole complex was decorated with ballons and cocktails, champagne, and beer came in and out of the venue. I was only 14 so I could not drink but Occasionally, my father got me some to drink. I was Happy.

There were not many teens in the party but I was still happy. My only companion was Lolita . His father was the hotel manager and she was send by her mother to spent time in Ica. She was 19 and already was famous peruvian top fashion model. We talks beside the pool that night. She complained that She would miss Lima social life and Ica nothing happens.

The party was on full swing but she was right. The party was for Viejos so we waited for the fireworks and continued talking.

There was a night club with current hits in the resort . We went and were alone drinking what we could get. I had a lot of screwdrivers and she enjoy sipping champagne. We danced a slow and romantic song and got close to her.My hands were holding tight her waist and I stared with passion. I kissed her. As we got a chance to breathe, she step back and slap me in the face. It hurt me for several days. She run away and ignored me for the rest of the holiday..I was happy boy...The boy had stole a kiss from Lolita.

We got back to Lima and my father told that I would work the Summer in the workshop as a apprentince. I worked half of the shift. Normally, my jobs were to clean with petrol all the carburetors. I did some suspension repairs in VW bugs and finally I was helping hand in the engine repair sector.. Jimmy Kopelia smelt to petrol and loved it.

As soon as I finished the work shift, my mother was waiting to take me to the beach. During the weekdays, we went to Herradura beach. Weekends, It was Santa Maria beach or El Silencio Beach depending my parent's social calendar.

Jimmy Kopelia liked either Herradura or Santa Maria. There were big waves and Herradura was a challenge to my morey boogie bodyboards. Dressed with OP shirts and a lot of Hawaian Tropic, I began to have my own social life.

Before the summer was over, my Oma called my father urgently. Her sister in Boca Raton, Florida was dying so all the family traveled to Florida. We spent about six weeks in a Daisy Inn Motel near Her sister's house. It was great. We went to many places. I remembered that We visit Disney World, Epcot center, some water games attraction, and the Kennedy space center. I ate a lot of burgers and fries and my favourite dinner was Denny's..A lot of sunshine but too hot and humid, It was Florida Weather. We got back three weeks into the new school year. I had no books, and I had no idea what will happen next. I was only a teenager with a tan and big smile.

My first day of 1982 school year was a thursday morning. I went to my assigned locker without uniform and I was late to class because my mother had to explain to the dean why I miss three weeks. My mother talked and talked.. and until the dean was bored...By boredom, I was allowed to get back into the boring routine.

Hello Natalie!

Jimmy!.. What happen to you?. We though you were gone..

and then she told me

We are going to Israel to live for six months. All 70 15 years old prepared ourselves for once only lifetime experience.

In May of 1982, we went with our uniforms, with peruvian and israeli flags, to the Jorge Chavez Internation Airport. We board our Air France flight to Paris. We had to make a plane changeover the next day so we stayed at the airport. Because of security, we were restricted to the hotel. Jimmy Kopelia heard that some of friends went to Paris for a late night walk.

Our next flight was El Al Paris to Tel Aviv. In the plane, I had my first kosher meal. It was terrible like any inflight meals.

The next six months, we were going to spend together in Alonei youth camp. The israeli government prepared a lot excursion, trips, seminar and Of courses, study sessions. We had three Peruvians teachers to supervise us So we did not study at all. I learned more about Israeli life by travelling with my friends.

Once a month, the school decided to give us a weekend to visit relatives. I had some but I was not interested. We decided to have our scapegoat. We told our supervisors that we were going to this friend relative in a northern kibbutz. We were not.

The first weekend, Jimmy Kopelia and his friend went to Old Jerusalem. Our accommodation was a backpackers lodge. We did not mind.As we arrived in shabat, there was nothing to do. We took a cab and told the drivers to take us to the Jewish quarter. The drivers stared us with crazy look. We did not why?

As we arrived to the Jewish quarter, some ultra orthodox Jewish were waiting for us. Jimmy Kopelia though they are placing the welcome mat instead they tried to stone us. I ran as fast as roadrunner. The rest of the day, we spent time in the arab market. We ate there and went to see the Christian quarter and Via Dolorosa. We had the chance to pray the following day in the Western Wall. High emotions felt to all of us.

On another weekend, our trip was to Tel Aviv, Israeli cosmopolitan city with golden beaches. We stayed in run down youth hostel. the room was for 12 person only so it was only first come basis. I remember that two o three of our groups had stay in another room. They did not like it.

The trip had a purpose. We already were about two months living in Israeli and we need to get laid. Despite of being a shy boy, I was a picked as the leader to get prostitutes. Jimmy kopelia was the only person in the group to speak some English and Hebrew.

Our first attempt was in the golden beach strip. There was a lot of five stars hotel. I remember that I approached a hooker in the Hotel bar. We talked and she agreed to charge us one hundred dollars per guy. I had to get a hotel room in the area and no group sex.. I went back to my friend and told the agreement. They said fuck you . Jimmy Kopelia though of leaving the group,. I had the money and she was a fit Russian blonde but I stayed with my friends.

Then, I stopped a taxi and asked the driver. Using hand signals, some English word and few Hebrew, He understood that we were looking for sex but we had very few shekels to spend. At the end of the strip, the driver took us to a rural park. He went straight to a girl he knew. We had sex with the girl in the middle of a dark park. The cab driver got a freebie.Jimmy Kopelia does not want to remember,

As we got back from Tel Aviv, the school decided to give us one month holiday. On this occasion, we stayed at the camp. There was nobody except a peruvian teacher to supervise. During one day, We escaped to the local store and bought Vodka and a lot of orange juice. The planning was bullet proof. One of the rooms was empty of all beds and desks. We put mattress in the walls and floors so we cannot get hurt.

That night, Jimmy Kopelia drunk two bottles of Vodka with Orange juice. It was full drunkenness until we heard somebody approaching the building. One of the guys run into the professor. Total panic. I remembered that Crazy horse and I run into the back of the building. He told me that It was my fault and I punch him in the face. I do not remember more but I woke up in my room.

Still in holiday, we were bored and we decided to escape to the beach..We slept in the beach and had no clothes to change. It was great weekend until we came back to the youth camp. The dean waited for group to return. We were caught red handed.

My parent arrived few days later. They had planned a trip around Israel and a cruise through the greek islands. Our school mates were praying for Jimmy Kopelia and Morado, my cousin. In the dean office, Jimmy Kopelia remembers my parents listen to the dean' speech.My father laughed. and I was assigned extra Sunday work. My father told me to get my suitcase. He had hired a van and we were going to spend the next three weeks travelling all around Israel. It was an incredible trip. Our tour guide was EL GORDO, from Argentina.

As we drop our tour guide, we went a cruise that took to Turkey, Athens, Mikonos, and El Cairo. We visit a lot of interesting places such the pyramids, Mikonos golden beaches, Mountain climbing in a Donkey, and a lot of ocean. The places were great but the cruise was full of sabras. The human smell was terrible. I though all these Israeli do not how to use a Brut spray.

We comeback late about two weeks into school work. Natalie told me we though you were sent back to Lima.

In October, the trip was over and we were in Lima's grey weather. That Saturday, I asked for the car. Few weeks later, I had broken the BMW automatic gearbox. Jimmy Kopelia was not a boy any more.

The year ended with another trip to Ica for new years eve party. Lolita was not there. I was happy . I met Nany..

Jimmy Kopelia

1982...Israel and Peru... Both are land of magic, history, culture, and adventure

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