Sunday, 18 September 2011


Teens Revamp Miami Rehab Centre

Team Kabbalah volunteers arrive at The Village with plants and gardening materials

This past month the Miami Kabbalah Centre outreach program, known asTeam Kabbalah, concluded a beautification project at The Village, a local drug rehabilitation center. Serving over 1,000 individuals annually, The Village provides comprehensive treatment through a variety of programs for adults, adolescents and families in transition.

The beautification project began on June 23rd by planting flowers around The Village’s adolescent female residence. Team Kabbalah volunteers worked closely with the young women who are currently residing there to beautify the grounds. Volunteers had time to bond with the residents, offering them a sense of teamwork, as well as giving them the opportunity to make positive contributions to their own environment.

Team Kabbalah’s teen volunteers take a moment to pose with The Village’s teen residents

Weeks later, on July 25th, the volunteers returned to tackle the painting of the outdoor basketball court. The Team Kabbalah volunteers – many of whom are adolescent themselves – joined forces to paint a full size outdoor basketball court. This required several steps of preparation followed by painting, touching up, final coating and lastly, professional white lines. The teenage residents contributed as well, by painting the court with their own design.

Volunteers meeting The Village residents

The beautification project was a powerful experience for everyone involved and an important introduction to community service for many of the adolescent volunteers.

“I had the merit to paint an outdoor basketball court with an amazing group of teenage girls. At first I thought I might not enjoy my day, but I ended up having a great day sharing time with them. I understood that no matter what they have been through or done, they have a spark of Light in them which shined the whole day.” – Yehuda Y., Team Kabbalah volunteer (15 years old)

“Going to the rehab center on Monday was a great experience. At first I wasn’t excited to spend my whole day in the hot sun painting a basketball court, but when I was with the girls I knew that they would really appreciate our efforts. Painting the basketball court for them made me realize how lucky I was to be in my surroundings and to be in The Kabbalah Centre. They live their lives in struggle – drugs, crime, and carelessness surround them – and for me to help them by doing this very small action was a privilege. This was a great experience that showed me how lucky I am to have The Centre and the people and support system inside it.” – Yehuda R., Team Kabbalah volunteer (15 years old)

The teens begin their afternoon paint job at The Village

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