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Project HAITI: Recovery Ongoing

Back to School Event in northern Haiti

Following the January 2010 catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the Kabbalah Centre launched Project Haiti to aid in the island nation’s recovery. Project Haiti’s purpose is to help Haitians reestablish their communities by providing spiritual and humanitarian support.

According to Kabbalah, community giving is a responsibility – born of the need to repair the societal damage that we, as co-creators of our lives, have made. Since activities began in February of 2010, Project Haiti has donated and distributed over 40,000 liters of Kabbalah water and over 15,000 mini Pinchas Zohars. Partnerships were formed with other organizations, such as Partners in Health, to fund much needed mobile medical units.

Tent city in Port-au-Prince

It has been over 18 months since the earthquake, and Haiti’s recovery is still very much a work in progress. Though Haiti may have been pushed out of many people’s minds due to the time that has passed as well as a decline in media coverage, hundreds of thousands of Haitians are still living in desperate conditions. 95% of the rubble has yet to be cleared making reconstruction impossible. Over one million Haitians are still living in tent cities, where crime and intimidation are rampant. A recent cholera outbreak took a further toll on Haiti’s citizens, as according to news outlets the epidemic has claimed nearly 6,000 lives, with 1,000 new cases reported daily in June. In short, there is still quite a bit of work to do in Haiti.

Zohar recipient stands in front of rubble in Port-au-Prince

As a result, Project Haiti is currently implementing several summer activities throughout the country. In cooperation with Miami Kabbalah Centre volunteers, Project Haiti participated in Back to School Events in late July, donating various back-to-school supplies along with mini Pinchas Zohars to 350 children and 50 teachers. These events were hosted by TEN Global – an organization that runs annual summer camps – and took place at three different schools in the northern region of Haiti. Currently, 296 Sacred Zohars and over 1,500 mini Pinchas Zohars are being distributed along the north coast of Haiti, which is near a major fault line running under the Caribbean Sea. The focus of this activity is the protection of the north coast and its inhabitants. Project Haiti volunteers are also undertaking a nationwide distribution of 10,000 mini Pinchas Zohars to a network of Police Departments.

In mid-August, Project Haiti will also partner with Friends of Petit-Goâve, a Miami-based non-profit, to reach communities in the southern region of Haiti affected by the recent cholera outbreak. Project Haiti will supply Kabbalah water and mini Pinchas Zohars to Friends of Petit-Goâve, which in turn is providing up to 3,000 people with free medical and dental checkups, medications, cholera prevention kits, and snacks.

The Mayor of Port-au-Prince receives a Zohar in front of the ruined National Palace

As evidenced by reports from the field, Haitians are appreciative not only of the Kabbalah Centre’s humanitarian aid, but are also quite grateful to receive spiritual tools:

“Having a deep knowledge of Haiti, I understand firsthand that Kabbalah can help Haiti overcome the issues and challenges that it is facing. The Pinchas Zohars had a lot of success. It is written on the cover: ‘The Book of Abraham, a book of healing and protection’. It was very easy for me to connect people with Abraham, healing, blessing, and protection. In fact, I didn’t have enough to distribute.” — Louicin, Project Haiti volunteer

The Haitian people are excited to receive the Zohar, and have expressed interest in learning more about Kabbalah. “On an island ruled by chaos and corruption, they are craving the Light. We’ve found that many Haitians have heard about the Zohar and its power,” says Project Haiti volunteer Leah. “The Zohar has been received with great appreciation and deep respect.”

“There was a good response to the Zohar books. People were asking where they could get more of the little blue books, and how they can learn more about Kabbalah. In Haiti right now, there are many people seeking spiritual comfort.” – Yéle Haiti Logistics Director Lorena Gutiérrez

For more information on how to contribute to Project Haiti please contact your local Kabbalah Centre or teacher; call (310) 867-2881; email or become a fan of the Project Haiti Facebook page.

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