Sunday, 21 August 2011

La Huaca..

Besides the small Inca pyramid in San Miguel , in La Huaca, lives about 1000 human beings. Mostly are common criminals , unemployed, drunken, and extreme poor. No rules, No laws. The community is considered by police as red light district where you must no go. In the community, It also live about 500 children under 5 years old. It was very cold morning. I could breathe the humidity and my socks were wet. I was the Chauffeur driving my sister to la Huaca.

With a friend and North American Charity, they had set up a nursery for pre school children. She was the "Miss", the teacher. We arrived with a lot of clothes and dinner lady was preparing the children breakfast. Probably, the only proper meal of the day.

I had arrived from San Diego and I was help her with a trip to the Parque Las Leyendas Zoo. I could see the children's smiles. Their mother were happy. The project was the only chance that their children would growth up to be a good citizen. What a tradegy, for them, It was normal conduct to steal and fight.

I took twelve little boys in my car. They were excited. Some tall gringo man was driving them to see the animals in the zoo. The giggles did not stop at all. I took their hand and went into their zoo.

I remember

They love playing in the hanging bridge. Their faces were suprised to see an elephant. Most of the boys fell asleep by my shoulder. It was a fascinating day for them and myself. I saw the Peru that I did not know. I learn that We must help our neighbours and Stop thinking about ourselves only.

La Huaca, Lima, Peru

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