Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Soldier's Story..Lebanon

Jimmy Kopelia woke up about midnight of Monday's calm dark hours.

Fucking Bastard!, move your ass, Five minutes only! and the truck drove north to the unknown.

I was volunteer and the group was going to the Israeli and Lebanese war front line. We arrived within an hour trip and waited for the soldiers to come.

Jimmy Kopelia was 15 and the whole week our job was to serve coffee, hot soup, and orange juice to the soldier;s retuning from the war front.

That night, One soldier, a captain, told me his story. It broke my innocent nerves.

The soldier told me

He was advancing through a village's empty street. The area was a Hot and Red enemy zone. His platoon's task to clear the area. Suddenly, He fell flat into the ground. He could see a flash coming towards him. There was an enemy firing into his area.

He told me. Jimmy, I had to run towards the enemy. He could see Ak47 gun pointing towards him. As he approached the enemy soldier, Suddenly, He could the enemy'face.

For two seconds, Both persons stared at each others. I remembered that the Soldier's face was completely wet and was crying like a newborn.
He told me

A white blinding flash and cracking noise was in the air. He run into the lifeless body of the enemy and saw that he had killed a kid. The enemy was only 13 or 14 but He had an AK47 in his tiny hands.

I gave a Hugh to the crying soldier and served him a hot cup of coffee. I wish that I could give him a Mo's Coffee special but we only a hot dark and muddy coffee. The soldier asked me where I am from. I told from Peru. He did not where I came from and ran into his transport that took back to the front line.

That week, Jimmy Kopelia did not sleep at all. Every night, we heard the same story again and again. My soul was stricken and will not forget Lebanon;s war

Jimmy Kopelia
Israel Lebanon frontier

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